IVF parents lose $10m wrongful birth case, hit with legal costs

Debbie Waller with her disabled son Keeden. Photo: Quentin JonesThe parents of a severely disabled boy have lost a $10 million case against an IVF specialist who failed to properly warn them of the likelihood their son would inherit a blood-clotting condition, but are considering appealing against the decision.
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The couple face the prospect of having to pay the doctor’s legal costs, which could run to tens of thousands of dollars.

Days after Debbie Waller gave birth to Keeden in August 2000, the infant suffered a stroke that caused severe brain damage and meant he was never able to walk, talk or go to the toilet unaided.

Mrs Waller and husband Lawrence claimed the stroke was the result of a rare blood-clotting condition known as antithrombin deficiency [ATD], which Keeden inherited from his father.

They sued the IVF specialist who oversaw his conception – Christopher James – in the NSW Supreme Court for what is known as ”wrongful birth”. The couple were not properly made aware there was a 50 per cent chance Keeden would have the defective gene and said that had they been properly informed of the risk, they would not have had the IVF treatment that resulted in his birth.

They sought compensation in the order of $10 million for the lifelong care of their handicapped son.

On Monday – 15 months after the case was heard – Justice John Hislop found Dr James had failed to ensure the Wallers were properly informed about the risks of inheriting ATD, and that had they been so informed, they would not have given birth to Keeden.

But he said the Wallers had not proved Keeden’s stroke had actually been caused by the blood-clotting condition. He accepted the evidence of a medical expert called by the defendant that Keeden’s antithrombin condition ”at most was a minor contributing factor and was possibly irrelevant to the outcome”.

”In my opinion the plaintiffs have failed to establish that the CSVT [stroke] was caused or materially contributed to by the ATD,” Justice Hislop said.

The Wallers were ordered to pay Dr James’ legal costs. Given that the hearing ran for four weeks, these costs are likely to run to thousands of dollars.

The couple’s lawyer, Bill Madden of Slater & Gordon, said his clients were ”upset and disappointed” and were considering an appeal.

”They want an opportunity to read through the judgment and its conclusions before making a final decision.” He said it was up to Dr James’ insurer, Avant, to decide whether it would seek to have the legal costs order enforced.

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‘Good on them’: Father of red-faced robber supports chilli attack

An alleged chicken shop robber who was thwarted by a splash of chilli sauce to the face has been refused bail with his father saying the shop’s quick-thinking staff did not go far enough in efforts to stop his son.
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Tyrone Holmwood, 19, on Monday appeared in Waverley Court with red, irritated eyes and wearing a blue plastic forensic jump suit after his clothes were taken by Botany police.

The alleged chicken shop thief was left red faced and empty handed when an employee on Sunday night thwarted the heist with a serve of chilli to the face.

Mr Holmwood, charged with assault with intent to rob, had been in trouble with the law before and that on each occasion alcohol had been a factor, the court heard.

He had allegedly been drinking prior to the incident on Sunday night when he is alleged to have assaulted worker Joanna Petry-Tartnoski.

“Tyrone, now he is sober, is shocked at the allegations,” his solicitor Anthony Brookman told the court.

His father offered his son support as he made an unsuccessful bail application but outside that support wavered with Mr Holmwood saying if his son did what is alleged the shop owners should have come at him with more than just chilli.

“They poured hot chilli on his head? Good on them. I would have poured hot fat upon his head.”

He was refused bail and the matter returns to court next Tuesday.

Botany police were called to O’Le Portuguese style chicken takeaway in Rosebery when Mr Holmwood was incapacitated with minor burns from the bucket of chilli.

Inspector Paul Thornton said there was a dispute with staff about payment before the alleged robbery attempt about 6.15pm.

“It’s alleged he walked behind the counter and tried to push the two workers aside before attempting to open the cash register,” he said.

Inspector Thornton said one employee ran to the front of the store and called police while the other, a 27-year-old woman, tried to hold the man back from the register.

“We will allege he’s tried to smash open the cash register on the floor and struck the woman, she’s responded with a bucket of chilli flakes over his face, it was the actual chilli that’s got in the face and floored him,” he said.

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Without wetlands, what will protect the Great Barrier Reef?

Great Barrier Reef. Photo: Supplied. Aerial view of Great Barrier Reef, Cairns.
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UNESCO has released its latest report on the state of the Great Barrier Reef, and has once again raised concerns about excessive port development along the coast, and the state of water quality around the reef.

In March I was invited to Queensland to see for myself the threat posed by proposed massive port expansions along the Great Barrier Reef.

I flew over Abbott Point to examine the present coal terminal. We visited the adjacent Caley Valley Wetlands in a tinny, revealing dozens to hundreds of birds at every creek turn. Huge flocks of whistling ducks took flight as we approached, herons perched in trees or stalked among water lilies; we saw great pelicans, magpie geese, kingfishers, elegant long-necked cormorants, kites, and half a dozen other species of duck, rails and black swans. The density of birds was astonishing, the highest I have ever seen in any wetland. It was immediately clear that this was an extraordinary haven for wildlife.

The present coal terminal and connecting road and rail links follow the southern side of the wetlands to a long loading jetty. This infrastructure is large and has clearly had a significant impact, but there is much intact and unspoiled wetland left. The plan is to expand the port to become the largest coal terminal in the world; that expansion would be the end for these wetlands. The impacts on the Great Barrier Reef directly would also be considerable: millions of tonnes of dredge material are likely to be dumped near Holbourne Island and its coral reefs, with potential for much greater dispersal further offshore.

Further south we travelled by boat from Yeppoon to Gladstone. The Fitzroy River delta is one of the wonders of this coastline. Approached by sea, it probably looks much as it did when Captain Cook sailed by more than 200 years ago.

People tend to develop estuaries wherever they find them. They have lots of low-lying land to build on, easy access to the ocean and plentiful water to flush away waste. Given this long historical association, there are very few of the size and importance of the Fitzroy that are left undeveloped. This means the estuary is as significant, extraordinary and precious as the Great Barrier Reef itself. If it is destroyed it cannot be recovered. Yet it is deeply threatened by proposals for a massive new port.

The importance of the estuary is underlined by the presence of endangered and iconic species, such as a small and genetically distinct resident population of snub fin dolphin.

Travelling south we encountered the mangrove-laced Narrows, flushed by powerful tidal currents that promote high productivity and attract large animals like bull sharks and even occasional crocodiles. The northern section, like the Fitzroy Delta to which it is connected, is undeveloped and has a timeless quality about it. On the southern stretch, construction cranes and the silhouettes of bulk carrier ships loom, soon merging into a relentless string of industrial constructions.

I have never seen such a sprawling port. Every company appears to have its own separate facility, so that Gladstone is more like a collection of many ports than a single entity. There seems to have been little need to build gas hubs on the world heritage-listed Curtis Island, had land been used more wisely. Images taken before dredging operations opened up the Curtis Island jetties revealed that dredging hadn’t just deepened and widened channels, it had removed the entire network of shallow wetlands.

Gladstone’s wasteful sprawl now threatens more of Curtis Island as well as the Fitzroy Delta.

I doubt that many Queenslanders or other Australians realise what they are about to lose: the wild open spaces, places for recreation, inspiration and fun, and habitats that sustain the wider ecology of the coast, support significant fisheries and protect the Great Barrier Reef.

Wetlands along the coast are vital to the survival of the Great Barrier Reef region. They are the reef’s first line of defence from adverse terrestrial influences, retaining and trapping sediments and nutrients that would otherwise be moved offshore to stress and damage corals. They help limit the spread of flood waters, which will be an increasingly important function in the future as the climate changes. And they provide nurseries for many commercially important species of fish like prawns, snappers and emperors.

I was alarmed by the enormous threats to the unspoiled coastal environment and quality of life for Australians; one cannot ignore the global significance of the Queensland coast, the role of intact, healthy habitats in the economic prosperity of the region, and the interdependent nature of the entire coast to the outer reef region – you can’t damage one part without damaging others.

Visiting these amazing places first-hand has revealed to me how mining interests are prepared to squander the future of many to enrich just a few in the present. Open spaces and unspoiled country are the soul of Australia, embedded in the national psyche. But there is a real danger that Australia is selling its soul to the mining industry.

The World Heritage Committee was wise to send a mission to investigate. The risk to the Reef is profound.

Coastal wetland protection and protection of the Reef from port expansion, dredging and shipping are fundamentally intertwined. Without a swift change of direction, Queenslanders and the world risk ruining a living priceless treasure.

Callum Roberts has in the past received research funding from a variety of organisations, including the UK Natural Environment Research Council, UK Department for International Development, UK Darwin Initiative, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, Fauna and Flora International, Pew Charitable Trusts, WWF, and Greenpeace. Callum is a WWF UK Ambassador, trustee of Seaweb, Fauna and Flora International and Blue Marine Foundation, and advisor to Save our Seas and The Manta Trust.

This article was originally published at The Conversation. Read the original article.

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It’s pretty unbelievable when Wests fans roar

Tiger for life: Benji Marshall has no doubt what club he wants to finish his NRL career at. Picture: Matt Roberts, Getty ImagesASKED if he could imagine what it would be like running out on to Campbelltown Stadium in an opposition jersey, Benji Marshall — the man known for his footwork — didn’t sidestep the question.
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“It won’t happen, mate,” he said.

In an interview with the Hills News, Marshall gave the clearest indication yet that he was set to remain at the Tigers’ lair for his playing life.

After securing the signature of captain Robbie Farah until the end of 2017, the focus has shifted to locking in the club’s other star playmaker beyond his current contract which expires at the end of 2015.

If all goes to plan, Marshall will continue to dazzle home crowds at his two favourite stadiums for the rest of his NRL career.

“I love playing at Campbelltown,” he said.

“My two favourite places to play: Campbelltown and Leichhardt — no doubt.

“With Leichhardt the people are so close and at Campbelltown the fans come close enough to the field to feel like they’re on the field anyway.

“I don’t think many people like travelling out here especially if they’re coming from Manly or somewhere [like that] but I love coming out here.

“I made my debut at Campbelltown and I’ve had great support from the people out here ever since.”

Admission prices at Campbelltown were reduced after a poor attendance. Despite the cheaper tickets only 11,547 turned up to watch the Tigers take on the Brisbane Broncos on April 27.

Marshall said the size of the crowd had an effect on the players’ performance.

“Honestly, the atmosphere and the crowd makes a difference,” he said.

“When you’re struggling for that penalty to get you out of your own half or you’re struggling for a bit of motivation, when you have the crowd behind you pumping you up it’s pretty unbelievable.”

Injured prop Keith Galloway agreed.

“Obviously the more people there are, the louder it’s going to be and when we see the colours in the hills and in the grandstands, it’s a big lift for us,” he said.

“When it’s filled up and it’s loud, it’s roaring for us.”

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Songbirds of country

Ladies of CountryTHE hooting, hollering and the whistling will all be on display when The Ladies of Country take to the stage at Blacktown Workers Club on Saturday, May 25.
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The show pays tribute to three legendary female country singers — Dolly Parton, Shania Twain and Patsy Cline.

Wynonah Dove, who performs as Dolly Parton in the show, said audiences could expect a bigger and better performance.

“We have quite a bit of audience interaction,” Dove said.

“We have added in new songs and added songs that us girls have done together.

“We have a great finale and we are doing a tribute to Kasey Chambers and Catherine Britt.”

Dove began impersonating Parton in 2003 after being told she sounded like the legendary singer.

“I was a singer-songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee, and I kept getting from folks that I sounded like Dolly Parton,” Dove said.

“I thought ‘well it might not work in commercial country if I sound like her so I might as well pay tribute to her’.

“It just kind of snowballed from there and it just built.”

Dove is an actress, Appalachian vocalist, songwriter and musician.

Career highlights include a starring role in a production by The Trail of the Lonesome Pine State Outdoor Drama in Virginia in the US.

She has toured with an Appalachian theatre ensemble, starred in a film, Class Action, and performed around the world.

Dove’s career took inspiration from Parton’s success in the entertainment industry.

“Dolly for me is a really personal thing because I love her so much,” Dove said.

“She is an icon, a mentor and she really has been a role model for me.

“She really knows her music, especially [folk] and that really holds true for me.”

■ Details: 9830 0600 or workers club南京夜网.au.

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Panthers slump to third-straight defeat

THE Monaro Panthers slumped to a third-successive Men’s Premier League defeat on Sunday, going down 3-1 to the AustralianInstituteof Sport at the AIS.
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Two goals in four minutes midway through the first-halfset up the AIS’ victory after Dylan Smith opened the scoring for the home side in the 21st minute.

It wasn’t long before the youngsters were celebrating again as Bai Antoniou netted for the third time in four National Premier League: Capital Football matches.

The Panthers are made of sturdy stuff this season and their coaching staff of Njegosh Popovich and Frank Cachia would have been proud of the response they got from their charges, especially in the second half.

Pepe Varga has enjoyed his status as a regular Premier League starter at the Panthers and got his team back into the match in the 56thminute with his third goal of the season.

That goal prompted hopes of an unlikely Monaro comeback but they were quickly quashed as Smith reacted sharpest in a crowded goalmouth to notch his second and the AIS’ third to put the game beyond the visitors.

Monaro kept pushing and fought to the very end. If they can repeat this level of commitment in forthcoming weeks thenmore wins are surely on the way.

Monaro Panthers:

1. James BRADBURY, 2. Sam OSATTO, 4. Jonathon REIS, 5. Tom CROSSLEY, 8. Tom McLACHLAN, 9. Pepe VARGA, 11. Jon TOOLE, 12. Danny BYRNE, 13. Adrian CANIZARES, 15. Tyson COTTAM and17.Sam LAVELLA.Substitutes used:14. Cameron DALZELL, 16. Ed McCARTHY and33. Daniel WHITEHORN


1. Jordan THURTELL, 4. Ben WARLAND, 7. Steve KUZMANOVSKI, 9. Todd NORRIS, 10. Dylan SMITH, 12. Marc OCHIENG, 16. Jordan PUDLER, 18. Alexander GERSBACH, 22. Liam ROSE, 23. Rocco PIZZATA and24. Bai ANTONIOU.Substitutes used:2. Darcy MADDEN, 6. Matthew NTOUMENOPOULOS and19. Bright APPIAH.

Match Officials:

Richard Naumovski (referee), Alex McConachie, Nia Southwell

The Monaro Panthers proved no match for the Australian Institute of Sport in their round eight ACT Men’s Premier League clash on Sunday.

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RDFL: Stars align for interleague tilt

BARRY Hall has been named in a star-studded Riddell District interleague squad for its showdown with the Kyabram District league this month.
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Hall may be the ‘‘name’’ player of the squad, but more significantly, the bulk of the league’s leading talent has put its hand up to play in the RDFL’s return to representative football.

Only five of the starting 18 named in last year’s RDFL team of the year are missing from coach Matt Power’s squad. Hall is just one of 60 players in the squad, with at least three from every club called to assemble for training in the coming weeks.

The KDFL is no stranger to colourful full-forwards, having been the competition of choice in recent times for Shane Loveless, Perry Meka andAaron James.

Prolific goalkicker Matt Davidson of Romsey, Diggers Rest forward Brent Tuckey and 2009 Bowen medallist Aaron Blade are among the key inclusions in the squad. The KDFL and RDFL are the lowest ranked leagues in the AFL Victoria Country Championships and will have a chance to move up the rankings at Tatura Showgrounds on May 25.

The under-18 team was named last week. Netball squads for seniors and under-17s are expected to be announced this week.


Macedon: James Wright, Jason Davies, Nick Arnold

Rupertswood: Leigh Brennan, Mitch Gaunt, Thomas West, Todd Podolczak

Diggers Rest: Brent Tuckey, Stuart Clarke, Adam Richardson, John Ryan, Shaun Sims, Craig Marshall, Dylan Hannan, Brandon Kilty

Riddell: Matt Sammut, Paul Sahlberg, Daniel Sahlberg, Aaron Blade, James Climas, Nick Ash, Ethan Foreman

Lancefield: Phil Conway, Chris Burkett, Chris Collins, John Baker

Romsey: Brad Mitchell, Mitch Farmer, Matt Davidson, Cam Dawson, Steve Burlak, Mitch Brewer

Melton Centrals: Nathan Richardson, Adam Fenton, Kane Bullen, Adam Hunter

Rockbank: Tom Mainey, Russell Rich, Shaun Wilson, Matt Krul

Woodend Hesket: Jesse Sheppard, Alex Shipard, Geordie Taylor

Sunbury Kangaroos: Jarrod Pretty, Leigh Fishenden, Tierone Cuffe, Jamie Cuffe, Daniel Gregory, Jake Powell, Brenton Sutherland, Matthew Welsh, Anthony Leonard

Broadford: Barry Hall, Michael Gillard, Quade Comi, Matthew Coomans

Kilmore: Adam Goudge, Alex Desmond, Nick Sheldon

Wallan: Steve Bell, Justin Collis, Ben Schraven

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Sorrento icon set to post a $2m sale

HOW much would you pay to have a slice of history? Sorrento’s iconic post office building is on the market and for a spare couple of million it could be yours.
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Built in 1905, the building showcases Australia’s rich heritage.

The property has already attracted substantial interest, RT Edgar real estate agent Lloyd Robinson said.

“It will be sold based on expressions of interest and it will be up to those who purchase it to work around the heritage requirements,” he said.

Local icon: Sorrento post office.

Mr Robinson said there was the possibility for a number of retailers to share the space.

“I think its visual impact will stay the same but the layout may be altered inside.”

A postmaster’s quarters at the rear of the building will be included in the sale.

“At one stage there was a permit approved for units at the back, but that would be for the new owner to go through the necessary processes if they wanted to develop the site.”

While Mr Robinson estimated the property would sell in the realm of the high $2 million mark, he conceded it was difficult to put a price tag on it.

“It is hard when it hasn’t been sold in more than 100 years.

“This is one of the best locations in the street with an interesting part of the history in Sorrento so trying to establish its value is very difficult. Its value will be decided in the next few weeks by the interested parties.”

Mr Robinson said the heritage of the building only added to its appeal.

“I think most people are attracted to its heritage status. If Sorrento was made up of new white blocks of buildings it wouldn’t have nearly the attraction.

“I’m sure whoever buys the post office will have good funds behind them to create good outcomes.”

An Australia Post spokeswoman said the building’s heritage would be maintained.

“Australia Post understands the historical significance of the building to the community, and as a heritage-listed building, this will always be protected,” she said. “Money from the sale of Australia Post owned buildings is reinvested in the organisation.”

The postboxes at the old building will be relocated to the Sorrento Newsagency, which took over as a licensed post office last July.

Construction of the new postboxes is expected to start in the coming weeks.

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Letters tothe Editor, Casey Weekly

Re: Medical centre ‘eyesore’
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Didn’t the Casey Weekly report of looming doctor shortages on August 3, 2010? I think Casey residents need to make up their minds about what they want.

Brett58 (via web)

Time to get angry

Are you angry that we are going to pay more for our water and sewerage? If you are not, you should be, because the extra costs will go into someone else’s pocket.

Ever since Jeff Kennett made the foolish move of privatising utilities, we have had nothing but rising costs, because private consortiums have to make a profit to pay shareholders a dividend.

If you can’t afford to pay your water bill, what are you going to do? You can’t catch and store enough water to keep you in water and you don’t have a big enough garden for a septic system, which you will also need, as you won’t be able to afford sewerage.

Also apply this to electricity. If retailers keep putting up the price to keep their shareholders sweet, how will you run your fridge, TV, pump, lights, heating, cooling, etc, as there is no alternative to electricity. You can’t run your TV on gas.

Lastly, there is the service charge, which we never had before privatisation. This is used by the private consortiums to get around the government’s attempts to freeze the utility price by saying it costs more for services.

I am not saying privatisation is wrong in every case, just in water, sewerage and electricity for which there is no alternative. We have to do something about this. Sitting back and hoping it will go away doesn’t work. Any ideas?

Maurice Quinn, Cranbourne East

What do you think? Post a comment below.

The Weekly welcomes letters no longer than 250 words. All letters are subject to editing and must include a name, address and phone number. Post: The Editor, PO Box 318, Dandenong 3175, or email [email protected]南京夜网.au. Post a web comment to any story on this website.

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Gemmell compared to rugby union star

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OPENSIDE flanker David Pocock has skippered the Wallabies and has been ranked as one of the best players in the world, so that Sam Gemmell’s NSW Country Colts team-mates compare him to the rugby star is a massive compliment.

A member of CSU’s Central West Rugby Union side, Gemmell impressed enough in early representative fixtures for the zone to get the nod as a member of the Cockatoos colts squad.

Last week he started in both games of the Cockatoos’ Melbourne tour and both resulted in wins – a 29-10 result over the Victorian Rugby Union Development XV then a 28-19 victory against the VRU colts.

The Cockatoos’ match against their Victorian opposites on Friday night, which was the main curtain raiser to the Super Rugby fixture between the Melbourne Rebels and Chiefs at AAMI Park, saw Gemmell play an important role.

“We call him baby Pocock, he looks like him and he plays exactly the same style as him,” NSW Country colts coach Matt Thomas said of Gemmell.

“He is very dynamic and his defence is a real attribute to his game.

“His work rate around the paddock is incredible, around the ruck and in tight he was great.”

But Gemmell was not the only CSU talent to impress in the representative fixture. Club-mate and hooker Justin Picker earned praise from Thomas as well as he matched up against a physically bigger Victorian pack.

“Justin played a very strong game around the paddock, his scrummaging was excellent,” Thomas said.

“He was outweighed by about 30 or 40 kilos, both the opposition props were massive, both probably weighed about 140-155 kilos and their hooker wasn’t far behind them.

“But when he [Picker] concentrated on his technique, our scrum was very strong

“It was very imposing to play against guys like that, but I just told our forwards if they concentrated on technique and timing they’d get on top of them and they soon did.

“His [Picker’s] work rate around the paddock is improving. That is something we asked him to do, working at line-outs and scrums is a given, but we wanted him to work more across the paddock and he did that.”

Both Picker and Gemmell were given the nod as members of the starting XV on Friday night after doing well in Wednesday’s win over the development side.

In the ninth minute the Cockatoos took the lead thanks to a Daniel Damen penalty goal before the Victorian’s responded with three quick penalty goals in succession to make it 9-3.

But Gemmell, Picker and their team-mates maintained their composure. The first of their three tries for the match in the 20th minute gave them a 10-9 advantage and from there they stayed in front.

Victoria still pressured, but the Cockatoos went on from a 17-9 half-time lead to post a nine-point win.

The CSU duo will now return to club rugby before going into camp with the Cockatoos on May 18. The following day they will line up against an ACT Colts side in Wollongong that Thomas said would be “very well disciplined and structured.”

NSW COUNTRY COCKATOO COLTS 28 (Rhys Peters 2, Tarpaki Rahui tries; Daniel Damen 3 penalty goals; Daniel Damen 2 conversions) defeated VRU COLTS 19

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Teacher still gets a kick out of taekwondo

Kicking ahead: Amy Bodziony scores a jackpot in Las Vegas.RING Amy Bodziony and you’ll get a message that says “you have rung Psychkwondo”.
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That sums up her life.

She likes a fight and a feed.

Her proficiency at taekwondo has led to her operating a growing string of martial arts centres with her partner.

What she also does is perform more than just proficiently at the kick-contact caper.

Bodziony recently returned from the United States, where she won a gold medal in the lightweight division at the US Open.

“Everyone’s a bit nervous but it was what I expected,” she said of the competition, and the fights that led to a fulfilled ambition.

But the description “fight” suggests a brutality that is at odds with the precision, technique and flexibility involved.

Here’s her coach Simon Taite describing one exchange.

“She baited the Texan with a move we had been practising throughout our Christmas training sessions, yet had avoided using it, as we were waiting for the right moment.


“The Texan took the bait, avoided the false attack thrown and came in attacking at what she believed to be a mistake by Amy.

“Boom. Face kick and three points Amy’s way.”

There’s less of that competition since the 34-year-old became involved in the business seven years ago.

“I do a lot more teaching now,” Bodziony said.

“I became involved at 12 when my father wanted my sister and I to learn self-defence,” she said of her start in Riverstone.

“I love it. It’s my life.”

She acknowledged the importance of Laurel Burn’s taekwondo gold medal for Australia at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

“It increased its popularity,” said the practitioner who, like Burns, has a petite build and soft voice at odds with the physical contact sport at which she excels.

There have been successes.

“I’ve won state titles, a commonwealth championship and at a tournament in Korea,” she said

“I’ve never won an Australian championship.”

The plan is to try and rectify that at the Australian titles in Brisbane.

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Doubts cast over Sunbury report

SEVERAL Hume residents have sought meetings with Local Government Minister Jeanette Powell about Sunbury’s possible secession from Hume.
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Sunbury Residents Association president Bernie O’Farrell is among those who have also written to Northern Victoria MP Donna Petrovich about a report on services and infrastructure provided to Sunbury by Hume Council.

Mr O’Farrell said he had concerns over the report by accounting firm KPMG, which found the town gets a similar or higher share of funding than the rest of the municipality.

“I am deeply concerned that the report states the findings rely heavily on data provided by Hume Council and that such data was not audited or otherwise verified,” Mr O’Farrell said.

“I believe that this statement, therefore, places strong doubts on the validity and creditability of the findings in the report. The minister has made no attempt to get viewpoints from residents on ‘Sunbury out of Hume’.

“We have gone through Donna and have never been able to get a committed response. We also want to meet with her to air our concerns.”

Sunbury residents Trevor Dance and John McKerrow, both very critical of the report, have also written to the minister seeking a meeting.

Mr McKerrow, who worked at the former Shire of Bulla as an engineer and town planner for 34 years, says the report looks only at what is in the town, not who supplied it.

“The report left out the history of Sunbury and when those buildings were built — most while it was in the Shire of Bulla.”

He said the report also had errors on road and transport infrastructure.

Mr McKerrow said the report had similar failings to an earlier report that said ‘Sunbury out of Hume’ wouldn’t work.

A spokesman for Ms Powell, Greg Charter, said the minister had received several pieces of correspondence about the report. The minister is waiting for a second KPMG report due for completion at the end of June.

Ms Petrovich said residents just wanted to know when there would be a vote on the issue.

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Sale continues winning run

Gippsland League
Nanjing Night Net

SALE continued its winning run in Gippsland League netball, defeating Warragul 48-18 at home on Saturday.

Kate Eddy came back into the Sale team and Staci Scott played in attack to cover for goal shooter Ella Bertachinni, who was unavailable.

Warragul played well in the first quarter with Sale leading 11-8 at the first change, but Sale took control of the match with an outstanding second term when it scored 12 goals to four.

In the second half, Sale outscored the Gulls 25 goals to six to win 48-18.

Eddy and Kasey McKay were solid in defence, gathering rebounds and converting defence into attack. Scott and Lara Dunkley finished off the team work set up by the mid court players, who followed the game plan set up by Mel Johnston, who is still coaching from the sidelines.

Sale, who recorded a clean sweep on the netball court, will expect a tough contest in A grade next week with Moe who scored an upset win over Drouin in round two.

MAFFRA scored an eight-goal win at Drouin.

The win sees the Eagles part of a four-team log jam on two wins in the middle of the ladder.

The fifth-placed Maffra will be challenged by second-placed Morwell this week.


HEYFIELD and Churchill remain undefeated after four rounds of North Gippsland netball.

Heyfield was too strong at home for Sale City, winning 51-19.

Churchill inflicted the first defeat of the season on Woodside, winning 50-28.

Cowwarr defeated Boisdale-Briagolong 51-19, Traralgon-Tyers United defeated Glengarry 56-35, while Gormandale had a 44-35 win over Rosedale.


Sale under 15 goal shooter Ellie McLaren in action against Warragul.

Sale under 13 wing attack Kirsten Craft gathers the ball.

Heyfield defeated Sale City 51-19 in North Gippsland netball.

Heyfield defeated Sale City 51-19 in North Gippsland netball.

STRATFORD remains in second place on the East Gippsland netball ladder after a 54-20 win on the road against Orbost-Snowy Rovers.

Lucknow defeated Lindenow 42-35 and ladder leaderWy Yung won a thriller againstLakes Entrance 37-36, while Paynesville had the bye.

For all scores and ladders read Tuesday’s Gippsland Times.

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