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Re: Park hotel welcomed, cautiously
Nanjing Night Net

The Australian Army should have kept the land. It’s now going to be another playground for the rich. The Victorian government cannot be trusted to run anything properly (both Liberal and Labor). If given as a public park, it should stay that way or be returned to the previous owner.

Ex-Digger (via web)

Re: RSL ‘sacking’ row hits centre

We should be giving all veterans our full support, not driving them away from the centre. After all, without the patronage of young veterans there will be no young veterans centre and no need to employ anyone. It is an absolute outrage that Pete Erdman has been pushed out. I have been under the mentorship of Peter and I cannot speak highly enough of him.

Damian Sumner (via web)

Re: Black Caviar: It’s farewell to Nelly

Just as the magic of the Vatican is due to the pillaging of Europe, the inspiration this horse undoubtedly brings sits uncomfortably alongside the reality of those who go to the knackery.

The wealth in Australian racing sits just as uncomfortably alongside the children in disadvantaged sole-parent households who are now forced to go hungry in Australia. We have a bipolar economy. Just like a bipolar sufferer, we seem happy to have the depression, just to experience the elation.

The achievements that wealth and power bring are undoubtedly awe-inspiring — yet it is good to have a more circumspect, balanced view on these things. Communism certainly isn’t the answer.

We need diversity and freedom for all. Blind capitalism is more restrictive on the parts of the community that these great triumphs draws from.

The wealthy will need to be more charitable now the poor have no health and disability services and their welfare is being cut, or there will be no poor people alive, in order to make the rich, rich. We all lose by continuing down this path.

Jade Worthington (via web)

Re: Heritage homes may be demolished

It is appalling that there isn’t protection for our heritage. Other countries in the world certainly value their older buildings. England, in particular, manages to preserve millions of structures that are hundreds of years old and we can’t even manage to retain a handful that are only 100-150 years in age.

The Mornington Peninsula is becoming like the Gold Coast — ugly, cheap and looking the same as everywhere else. I’m not against modern buildings, but so many of them lack charm or significance in any way because they are not special developments, just ‘cookie-cutter’.

Think of the towns around the world that people flock to — they generally are not modern. The south of France, the mission towns of California, and Carmel and Monterey, the charming villages of England, and so on. All these places are defined by their historic architecture.

Older houses can be restored with modern additions and other features to bring them into the 21st century — look at Richmond and other inner suburban areas. They manage it there. What is wrong with the vision of people on the Mornington Peninsula?

Pippi (via web)

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